06 February 2015


This post is for my one reader! 

Who reminded me that my 11 year old blog,  sat abandoned in the midst of a rapidly growing online universe. 

And shocked that I've clocked just one real post for a whole year,  trying to think through a number of thoughts,  one quick one to pen down,  I've realized I've been through a corporate restructure,  a promotion and a few life changes which has completely left me thoughtless. 

Going back to the posts from a decade ago,  I know that it's because,  unsurprisingly,  I've ended up being a corporate drone.

Version 6.7 of the factory worker featured in Orwell's 1984,  except in 2015.  Which means,  big brother doesn't need to monitor me as much as I monitor myself.  For the sake of productivity. 

Ensuring the minimal 8 hours of sleep,  so that the best of me sells out at a decent but comparably lower than everyone else's,   salary. 

The shame.  But marching on tonight,  I've managed a decent post.  Or so I think.  So yay,  enjoy the nonsense,  one reader :)